Aid Without Borders - awbtitle.gif 
offers humanitarian aid to residents of regions in distress; to victims of natural disasters as well as tragedies of human origin; and to victims of violent conflict throughout the world, providing assistance to all individuals in need regardless of background.


Aid Without Borders - awbtitle.gif 
is in no way involved in the political affairs of the regions in which it is active. Its aim is to protect the basic rights of each individual to receive immediate life-saving aid and assistance in improving her or his future in the long run.


Aid Without Borders - awbtitle.gif 
is an independent organization which operates in full cooperation with local governments and international humanitarian organizations, including United Nations agencies.


Aid Without Borders - awbtitle.gif 
maintains complete independence from all political, economic and religious forces in its regions of activity.



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Jubilee 2000 & AWB


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Tears in the Green - exhibit
the Rwandan Genocide and its aftermaths

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! as of July 2003 AWB is no longer active !

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September 2000 Update     Kosovo / Balkans Update

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Aid Without Borders - awbtitle.gif raises awareness about the needs of inhabitants of regions in distress and provides meaningful, long-term assistance to residents of those regions. camera2e.gif

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